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The Delcamp Research Group

Our Goals: The Delcamp Group is focused on understanding photon conversion processes for:


1.    Artificial photosynthesis systems employing molecular water oxidation catalysts, molecular CO2 reduction catalysts, molecular H+ reduction catalysts, and photoelectrochemical cells for solar fuel production.


2.    Photovoltaics for low light (indoor) and tandem applications including complementing performances of current solar cell technologies from any field and for use as part of self-powered wireless systems such as neural networks with onboard processing for IoT applications.


3.    Near infrared and shortwave infrared (SWIR/NIR-II/NIR-III) molecular fluorophores for in vivo imaging.


We employ advanced synthetic and molecular design strategies to design novel materials to probe light-matter interactions and the subsequent photonic, electron transfer, and chemical reactions that take place after excitation.

Announcement: The Delcamp Group is no longer accepting new members at any level (undergraduate, graduate, or postdoc). No new collaborations are being initiated beyond providing materials currently in stock from our prior publications. Jared Delcamp has relocated to Dayton, Ohio and is currently working with the Air Force Research Labs at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as part of UES.

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"If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard-enough problems. And that's a mistake."

                                                                                                                      - Frank Wilczek

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