Video 4. Jared Delcamp and Davita Watkins discuss research at the University of Mississippi and how it is impacting artificial photosynthesis and drug delivery.

Video 3. Jared Delcamp explains how a DSC powered artificial photosynthesis system works.

Video 2. Check out this video abstract with interview clips from Jared Delcamp and Hammad Cheema discussing a recent publication. 

Cheema, H.; Delcamp, J. H. "The Role of Anti-Reflective Coating CYTOP, Immersion Oil, and Sensitizer Selection in Fabricating a 2.3 V, 10% Power Conversion Efficiency SSM-DSC Device" Adv. Energy Mater. 2019, 1900162. T2H [publication link] [video abstract link]

Video 1. A short animation explaining how dye-sensitized solar cell panels create electricity from sunlight.