Thank You For Making The Science Café A Success!

September 16, 2015

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Science Café speaking event featuring Professor Delcamp with his discussion on evaluating and securing the United States energy future and how it is critically important. It was exciting and encouraging to see so much interest and support of science and education in our local community.


Our energy needs are vast and directly related to many of our primary needs for survival including the food on all of our tables. With the rise of synthetic fertilizer dependence in our agricultural sector over the last century, we have linked ourselves to an energy intensive process to provide our meals.


Understanding where this energy is coming from and how much we have at our current sources is a serious concern. The talk evaluates where our energy is coming from, estimates on how much we have left, and discussed technologies being developed through the support of many private and government agencies in an effort to meet our future energy needs. A brief descriptor of how these technologies work and what researchers are doing in our community at the University of Mississippi to gain full energy independence as well as a secure energy future for the US was also discussed.


"I really enjoyed the Science Café … It was very enlightening. I learned a lot about energy and our survival. I really only had a very vague notion of how those two things are intertwined." 

~ Cecille, Science Café Attendee


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