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Jackie, Will, Team Hammer, and Team Scott show >900 nm absorption and >1000 nm emission with a small molecule! Step or get left. [link]

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Ali and Jonathon forge a reliable, scalable path to one of the most challenging and most important molecules in dye-sensitized solar cells. Synthetic flexing at its finest. [link]


Thick, transparent SnO2 films from commercial powders with record setting performance in DSCs! Part chemistry; part materials; all incredible.  [link]

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Roberta and Hammad are working to lock down that promiscuous copper atom. Copper, resistance is futile.  [link]


Check our our recent publication describing a precious metal free solar-to-fuel system. Still using Pt, Ir, & Au unnecessarily? We call that getting swindled and tricked. [link]


We've recently made a photoanode for electricity production giving a current density of 25 mA/cm^2  with a NIR organic dye. That is a lot of current from an organic! Nice work all! [link]

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This work shows how a zinc dipicolylamine group can be incorporated into a D-π-A organic dye design to detect either phosphate rapidly in aqueous solution or to detect humidity depending on the time regime analyzed. Nice work Jackie and thank you to the Glake Hill group for the computational collaboration! [link]

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Will and Jackie have found a material emitting in the NIR region at incredibly high quantum yields in biologically relevant medium at near 60%! Excellent finding! Thanks to the Hammer Group for collaborating on the photophysical studies, and thanks to the Flyntt Group for collaborating on the biological imaging studies. Nice work all! [link]

[Supplementary Cover link]


Shakeyia, Dinesh, and our collaborators in the Azoulay Group have investigated molecular gold complexes in the photocatalytic CO2 reduction reaction to find some interesting generation 1 catalysts that show good stability. Nice work all! [link]


Jackie, Ivy, and Roberta’s latest finding on reversible binding CO2 molecules has just come out in ACS Omega! Congrats to Ivy on her first peer-reviewed paper! Thanks to Glake Hill’s team for the collaboration. [link]


Nice work Hunter Shirley and Nalaka Liyanage on the acceptance of their work in EurJIC. Thanks to the Tschumper and Hammer teams for a nice collaborative study. We are happy to show some of the unique mechanism of NHC-Re complexes in the photocatalytic conversion of CO2 compared to the classic Lehn catalyst. These two operate on different reduction waves which is curious and this report gets at what is going on. Hunter made a graphic for this that was selected for a Cover Feature. Nice work! [link]

[Cover Feature link]


Our latest collaborative work with the Watkin's Group in J. Mater. Chem. C! Davita's group really did the heavy lifting on this one. Electropolymerization chemistry is an exciting new area for us. We were happy to contribute and grow this collaboration. Look at that deep NIR absorption! Nice work Phillip! Best of luck in the new position at Susquehanna University. We are excited to see the new molecules you come up with. [link]

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